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If you want ultimate casting distance then go no further than the Daiwa Saltist Grinder Elite series, designed to match many of Daiwa’s long distance casting reels like the BG’s and Saltist 6500 & 8000 size grinders. Built to the highest standards, the Saltist Grinder series is specifically designed for optimum surf fishing performance with today’s super braids. Angling perfection starts on the top shelf with Daiwa’s latest carbon design. The introduction of new carbon technology unique to Daiwa has produced a parabolic action rod that is incredibly thin yet overwhelming powerful. The secret is HVF (High Volume Fibre). Combining precise resin control with unidirectional HVF graphite fibre to produce a blank with maximum graphite density. Light, responsive and crisp in action… “HVF” is unrivalled. With all this extra power the join in the rod features Daiwa’s V Joint, this allows the ferrule to flex eliminating weak or flat spots, ensuring the three-piece blanks match the flex, power and responsiveness of a one-piece blank.


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